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 3D Raceway 2017 Classes

All kids classes and the adult predator class are trophy classes.



Little tykes Class- no entry fee- 1st year racing- 4-5 yrs old-never raced before- 79cc predator motor-everyone racing in this class will receive a trophy

$10.00 entry fee

Beginner: 5-8 yrs old. 79cc predator motor only. Motor must remain stock. RPM limit will be set on the motors.   Weight: 235 lbs- track promoter has right to  move karts  to advanced beginner class at any time.

Advanced Beginner: 5-8 yrs old. have raced previously. Must run .425 restrictor. Clones only. Must run wiener pipe with all baffles still in muffler. Weight: 235 lbs.

Jr 1 Caged: 8-11 yrs old weight 260lbs- must run .500 restrictor. Must run wiener pipe with all baffles still in muffler.  clones only, wings ok, no racing fuel allowed, any clutch ok

Jr 1 uncaged: 8-11 yrs old-must run 500 restrictor weight 250 lbs slick tires only must run wienie pipe

Jr 2/Jr 3 Caged: 12-15 yrs old-weight 330 lbs, 550 restrictor, must run wienie pipe

Jr 2 uncaged: 12-14 yrs old-weight 300 lbs, slick tires only, 550 restrictor, must run wienie pipe

Kids predator class- 8-13 yrs old weight 285lbs,500 restrictor must be ran in this class.  all other predator engine rules apply

$20.00 entry fee classes

 Modified clone caged 6.5 ohv- 12 & up,  weight 330 lbs


$20.00 ENTRY FEE

Adult clone light- 14 & up  weight 330lbs, slick tires only, Clone Rules Apply

Adult clone medium: 14 & up-weight  360 lbs slick tires only Clone Rules Apply

Adult clone heavy: 16 & up- weight 425 lbs, slick tires only Clone Rules Apply

Adult Clone Caged- 16 & up weight limit 375lbs

Clone Rules Apply

   50 & Over-Clone Rules Apply weight 375 lbs. slick tires or treaded tires are allowed. 

                                       $10.00 entry fee 

                                       Trophy class

   Predator Class: 14 & up, Predator Class rules apply, weight 360 lbs. SLICK OR TREADED TIRES OKAY. 

Briggs Unlimited-flatheads 300 lbs and animals 375 lbs, treads or slick tires

$20.00 ENTRY FEE

  Super Stock- 15 & up-slick tires only, Super Stock rules apply to this class. weight 375 lbs

Adult modified- 15 & up-slick tires weight 375 lbs clones only.  Any carbs allowed, methanol allowed- if running methanol must wear fire suit, clone parts only, any tire allowed

6.5 modified caged class-16 & up weight 400 lbs.


RWYB/UAS 15 & up any motor allowed. No weight limit


$20.00 entry fee classes


125cc class- single cylinder, 2-cycle, single carburetor, any atv or motorcycle dirt bike engine, not to exceed 135cc displacement.  No slipper clutches.  Weight limit with driver 350 lbs.  must run bead lock and burris on right rear

250cc class- single cylinder, 2- cycle, single carburetor, dirt bike engine not to exceed 265cc displacement. Stock oem stroke, no slipper clutches, weight limit with driver 420 lbs.

Single cylinder 250cc 4 stroke atv or  motorcycle dirt bike engine, no overbore, no port angle changes, no welding of ports, stock oem stroke, no slipper clutches, weight 420 lbs

No programmable ignitions, no programmable efi for fuel injected engines. Carb or fuel injected is legal, no lightening of flywheels, gas only, race gas ok, no additives, any pipe allowed as long as it is not a safety issue, gear removal will be a non tech item, bead lock and burris 55 on right rear.

$30.00 entry fee class

500 cc  16 & up single cylinder, single carburetor, 2 cycle or 4 cycle atv or dirt bike engine are accepted that do not exceed 575cc displacement. Weight with driver 450 lbs.


125cc, 250cc and 500cc equipment rules

Wings shall be no longer than 48 and no shorter than 37. Wing width shall be no more than 40 or less than 32. Exception 500cc open class wing size is non tech item.

Wing numbers must be a minimum of 10 and tail piece numbers must be a minimum of 6. Numbers must be legible and of a contrasting color to their background. Karts displaying multiple numbers must add a letter to the number.

Safety harness shall be attached in such a fashion as to restrict drivers movement independent of seat movement. The safety harness shall include, at a minimum, a lap belt and shoulder strap.

Approved neckbraces are mandatory. Approved arm restraints are mandatory. Arm restraints are to be worn between the wrist and elbow and they must attach to the lap belt.

Seats must be made of aluminum and of a high back design.

A kill switch that disables the engine is to be installing in reach of the driver.


Any questions contact Dee at : (918) 685- 0994

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