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Predator Class Rules 

  The spirit and intent of these rules is to provide a true budget class with an engine total value of $150 or less. Any attempt to circumvent these rules by adding a performance enhancing product, either mechanical or fuel, shall be considered as an intentionally illegal act and will result in disqualification for that race day.
  Those who choose to race in this class enter with the knowledge and acceptance of the fact that this is a "Claimer" class. If your engine is claimed by another competitor, you must remove your engine and give it to the Tech Man, minus any non-claim parts; no arguments and no foul language or threats to anyone. If you cannot or will not abide by these rules, do not enter a kart in this class. Failure to surrender an engine when claimed will result in a loss of the current season's points up to and including the date of the claim. If you refuse a claim yo can no longer race in the class.
  Promoter has the option to buy a motor at any time.
If you win 3 races in a row the motor will be bought by promoter. 


ANY Predator 6.5hp 212cc base engine, whether conventional or hemi chambered head. 

Fuel is 87 octane gasoline.

Cylinder heads may NOT be interchanged between hemi and non-hemi models.

Engine must utilize the stock air filter.

The Low Oil Sensor switch may be electrically disconnected, but the switch must remain installed.

The governor assembly may be removed in it's entirety, and if removed the block hole must be plugged.

The only approved legal exhaust is a .750" O.D. mini pipe and RLV mini muffler. 

Exhaust system must be located within the confines of the kart. 

It is recommended that the exhaust system be wrapped or sleeved with a heat-resistant fabric to reduce the risk of burns.

Engine Fuel Tank may be located in the stock position or optionally a floor mounted fuel tank may be utilized. If a top mounted fuel tank is utilized, the cap must be taped down. If a floor mounted fuel tank is used, an auxiliary fuel pump and top plate with associated fuel and pulse lines are allowed, and the fuel pump may be pulsed from the engine sidecover crankcase, or valve cover. 

The stock flywheel may not be lightened or altered in any way; it must remain factory OEM stock. Timing key must be stock, unaltered. 

A flywheel must be replaced if damaged, however the engine must always utilize a stock flywheel of the same style and manufacture of that which was original equipment for that engine, with a stock timing key.

All items other than the ones specifically mentioned are to be stock OEM parts in OEM locations.

Any size shoe-type dry clutch allowed.

This is an "Open" tire class. Any tire used for kart racing allowed. No yard kart turf tires.

The Tech Man may choose to do a tear-down of an engine to ensure legality after the days races are finished for that kart. Engine owner must surrender his engine for tech. Tech is performed to insure no illegal parts are in or on the engine. 

Claiming an Engine

Claim Fee is $200 

Essentially, the "claim" made on an engine contains only the parts which were on the engine when it was originally purchased, with the exception of the removed governor.

Anyone actively participating in the current race may claim an engine, regardless of the position the racer starts or finishes in. Racer must at least start the race in which the claimed engine is racing, even if they receieve a DNF score.

In the event of a claim on an engine with a floor mounted fuel tank, the floor tank, auxiliary fuel pump and top plate are not included in the claim.

Exhaust system (header pipe and muffler) are not part of any claim made, and shall remain the property of the engine owner. 

Motor mount, clutch, chain guard, and aftermarket throttle linkage are considered non-engine add-on's, and are not part of the claim.

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